Outpatient Anesthesia Specialist LLC, is the exclusive provider of anesthetic needs for Gulf Coast Endoscopy Center & Digestive Health Physicians. Our everyday staff of two CRNAs have over 45 years experience, not only for endoscopic procedures, but are seasoned, well trained professionals versed in all facets of surgery including open-heart, complicated pediatric, general, vascular and orthopedic procedures. Their skill, experience and training will assure that all your questions will be answered pertinent to anesthesia for your procedure.

Safety is our foremost concern, so all of your pertinent medical history is taken into consideration.

What drugs do you use?

We use an anesthetic drug called Propofol or Diprivan. It is an IV anesthetic that is short in duration.
With rare exception, we use only Propofol. Unlike short acting narcotic drugs, (Fentanyl *Versed) that will leave you dreary for an extended time, your recovery from Propofol will be fairly fast - our experience has shown that you will be as alert leaving as when you arrived. Having said that, we still insist on having you refrain from any activity that requires you to be especially alert, such as driving, or signing legal documents until the next day.

Can there be complications?

Occasionally there is a burning sensation at the site of the IV when the Diprivan is given. We minimize this by injecting a small amount of local anesthetic (Lidocane) first.
Rarely other complications can occur, please see the attached Consent Forms. The best defense against complications is to follow our instructions regarding nothing to eat or drink before the examination. This will help prevent aspiration which may give raise to pneumonia. Our anesthesia providers are very experienced practitioners who will be closely watching you to prevent any complications.

Will I be billed?

Anesthetic services are billed and paid separately from the doctors bill, the center's bill [for the use of the equipment and staff ] there may also be a bill from a pathologist (AmeriPath) if biopsies are taken. Your bill for anesthesia will come from "Outpatient Anesthesia Specialist, LLC". Despite all these bills, the total costs are usually 1/3 or less that of the hospital.